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Paving Services: Your Experts in Asphalt & Concrete in London

Seal your parking lot, restore your tennis court or repair cracks in your concrete with London, Ontario’s experienced team at K & H Asphalt, Sealing & Striping. We do everything from asphalt milling to line marking, using only Ministry of Transportation approved traffic paints. We are pleased to work with commercial, industrial and residential clients. Learn more about our services below.

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K & H Asphalt, Sealing & Striping wants you to make an informed choice on asphalt repairs. We invite you to learn more about infrared asphalt patching.

Layers of pavement

● Concrete – K & H Asphalt works on concrete for London’s sidewalks, patios and small driveways. We can do concrete sealing.

● Paving – We are skilled at repairs, extensions, small driveways and patching.

● Crack sealing – Preventative maintenance can help you avoid more costly repairs in the future. We do the job right with routing, hot air lancing, hot pour crack filling and band fill (for parking lots).

● Asphalt sealing – We are specialists at sealing your driveways and parking lots.

● Tennis courts – Restore your tennis courts with line repainting, resurfacing and crack repair (private and public).

● Parking lots – Promote a professional image for your business by keeping your parking lot in good condition. We offer crack sealing, asphalt repairs, catch basin repairs, parking lines and speed bump service.

● Asphalt milling / cold milling – Let our experienced team remove large areas of asphalt with an industrial milling machine.

● Line marking – We use Ministry of Transportation approved traffic paints for all line markings. We can handle your parking lots and tennis courts.

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