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Top-quality Paving Services in London

If you require reliable paving services such as new installations, repair and restoration, or drainage issues in London and surrounding areas, then rely on K & H Asphalt Paving & Concrete to get the job done right. We offer line marking services that are aligned with the Ministry of Transportation’s approved traffic paint guidelines. Our services cover the asphalt repair and paving needs of residential, commercial and industrial clients. If you require patching, repairs and extensions for any paved surfaces such as a driveway or walkway, our skilled team can get the job done efficiently. We also offer asphalt milling for specialized projects like speed bumps or lap joints.

For commercial clients, a well-maintained parking lot is good for business. We make sure your property’s parking lot is crack-free and in good condition. Your asphalt driveway could get worn down with time due to a few factors, including the quality of the granular base, thickness of the asphalt layer and the efficiency of the drainage system. Our team can provide effective repair and restoration for your driveway’s asphalt surface and will make sure it stays smoother for longer. Call us today to get a free quote for your maintenance and repair needs.

Our Asphalt and Paving Services

Surface cracks and erosion, causing potholes, can be dangerous for cars to navigate over and might result in unwanted issues. Take a look at our comprehensive repair and restoration services:

Asphalt repair by cutting out and replacing damaged surfaces

Recycled asphalt

Interlocking brick repairs

Catch basin levelling (higher or lower)

General road patchwork for utilities



Properties We Service

Not only does a well-maintained parking lot or driveway enhance the appeal of your property, but it also improves safety. Our team can service the following:




Industrial sites

Parking lots

Crack Filling (Rout & Seal)

Residential Paving

Commercial Paving

Reliable Paving Solutions

Come to us for all of your pavement repair, restoration and maintenance needs, as well as new installations and complete replacement.

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